Centrum Kašpar – About us

Our NNO helps people reconcile work and private and

Our goal is to promote equality in the labor market and raise awareness of gender equality. We improve policies and practices that affect people’s lives.

We provide free independent advice to people and also to companies in the Liberec region.

The difference we make

  • 1200 individual clients since 2005
  • 100 individual clients found their jobs during the last three years
  • 20 gender and diversity audits in companies, hundred of workshops, working breakfasts and conferences on equal opportunities
  • countless retraining courses for our individual clients
  • 8.000 hours of babysitting for employees and 3.200 hours for our individual clients in Centrum Kašpar during the courses
  • 1500 hours of respite assistance – taking care of a family member
  • 30 companies highlighted as the best practices in our competition

Our services and events

Assistance with job search
Employment mediation

Education and professional development
Training courses
Professional diagnostics
Career advice
Job clubs – news on the labor market
Audio advice

For companies
Gender and diversity audits
Babysitting in households
Respite assistance – care for a family member
Selection and training of talents
Education and thematic workshops

Reconciliation of work and private life
Examples of good practice
The friendly employer – competition for companies
Lord (Lady) of his (her) time- competition for individuals